Clostridioides difficile infections increasing

Clostridium Difficile is a bacterium that almost every human carries with him in the intestinal flora. In most cases it is completely harmless, but in a certain case it can become a deadly danger.

In my environment there was a Clostridium Difficile infection. This disease had extreme health effects and can be fatal. The trigger is usually a therapy of another disease with antibiotics.

We know that antibiotics are a cell poison, which was originally obtained from the secretion of moulds. It is there to eliminate dangerous pathogens. Unfortunately, it also kills many bacteria from the intestinal flora when taken. One of the few who survive this attack are the Clostridia. They are resistant to some antibiotics.

Some of them produce very dangerous toxins and when they are outnumbered in the intestines, they destroy the intestinal wall.

The number of diseases is increasing worldwide. The problem is that more and more people are taking antibiotics for completely absurd reasons, even though they are not always necessary. The intestine then bleeds and the shock is great. My pharmacist also told me that she also feels it clearly. More and more patients come to her because of clostridia.

The problem is that you have to take antibiotics again for the treatment. These are specially designed to kill C. Difficile. Unfortunately, the relapse rates are very high. This means that some patients experience up to three or four relapses and the diarrhea does not stop. In most cases, only the relatively new method of stool transplantation can help.

People get a complete intestinal flora of another human being transplanted. This flora is cultivated from cultures of intestine-healthy persons and injected into the intestine during a colonoscopy. In this way the healthy bacteria can displace the clostridia and the patient is healthy again at a stroke.

Of course this sounds disgusting, then who wants to have the excrement introduced by others? But it is an absolutely clear liquid that was purified in the laboratory. Only the cocktail of bacteria in it was simply grown at optimal temperatures.

In addition to the big problem that more and more bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics, clostridia is a growing threat. The doctors would do their patients a big favour if they advised them to take probiotics when taking the antibiotics in order not to be able to get into the situation where C. Difficile takes over the domination of the intestinal flora. Avoidance is probably much easier than treatment.