Memorize things better with Mind Mapping Software

Mind Mapping is a creative method that can significantly improve memory. It helps you to structure facts around a certain topic area of your heart. With the help of mind maps, the advantages of a complete summary of contents can be combined with those of a visual presentation.

What is Mind Mapping?

Tony Buzan not only appeared as one of the pioneers of speed-reading, but also dealt with the performance of the brain in general. He was one of the most important pioneers of mind mapping.

The concept is based on noting a selected subject area on a sheet of paper with a collective term in the middle. Starting from the center, other terms related to this topic are noted. They are connected with lines or arrows or other symbols. It is also common to use drawings, small pictures and notes. Depending on your preference.

Tony Buzan explained at the time the reason for the superiority of this memory technique. He said that classical notebook entries and notes are linear. You can only work through content one after the other while writing. With a mind map, on the other hand, there is no order, but rather a visual order is created. New information is arranged in the area of the mind map to which it fits. Thus this tool is much more brain-friendly than books or notebooks. In addition, the graphical way allows you to recognize connections that would not be immediately apparent when writing.

In addition, the creative process of creation alone leads to the fact that the brain has to show much more activity. Analysis and synthesis – classic cognitive processes, the use of which massively promotes storage in long-term memory. Those who use this process are no longer subject to the classic forgetting rate, as Ebbinghaus once formulated it. With Mand Mapping, the curve is much flatter.


How to create a mind map?

Creating a mind map is a creative process for which there are no rules. Usually you take a piece of paper and write down the generic term or topic in the middle. Afterwards, subordinate chapters are distributed on the sheet and connected. For each sub-chapter, you can write down as many subordinate terms as you like.

In addition to the classic version, where you use the pencil, there is also the possibility to use a mind mapping software. There are numerous tools available on the web with which you can create such small mnemonic aids free of charge. The results can be exported and saved as PDF or used in any other way. Drag & Drop allow a fast and creative working method.