EAT – Success factor in demanding industries

In the SEO area, Google tries to treat certain types of pages slightly differently than the rest. This is especially true where there are health risks or where the administration of justice is involved. Thus around the area of law. The reason for this special attention is the fact that there has been a lot of fooling around in these areas. People without appropriate knowledge give tips and advice. Anyone who has fallen for it will think: What kind of garbage has Google delivered to me? Representatives of some industries have to rethink in terms of SEO. We show what really matters in delicate industries.

Good reputation is everything

Google’s SEO apostle John Müller has left out a hangout for this. His recommendation is to take a critical look at his own pages again. One should justify oneself before oneself why this one deserves to be on the first place of all others. Physicians and health advisors can score with professionally well researched topics in any case. Lawyers with extensive legal tips and backlinks from highly respected sites. In this case it would be universities, authorities or chambers. In this way even the lawyer Winterthur can become a top contact point on the web. Good contents make it possible.

In order to achieve this, those concerned should take another look at the EAT factor. Müller said that recently numerous SEO experts have written good articles in this field. EAT as an abbreviation stands for the terms:

  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

Traffic and backlinks are a good way to do this. In addition, there is the fact that someone can make a name for himself. Guest articles on renowned sites, digital PR in online news that are all marked with the same authorship and redirect to the main page, they help when Google matches the data with the imprint. Or with the data from the WHOIS registration, or with those stored in the Search Console.

He also mentioned that the site operators should try to rank with other important search terms. There is also Longtail. And with very specific search terms, more traffic can be generated in total than in the hard fight for the main keywords.

For webmasters of law firms or hospitals etc. it means that they should actively encourage their customers to create content. And this for several reasons. First of all, of course, to generate traffic. But on the other hand also to attract backlinks. These will then strengthen the site as a whole. One thing is certain. The artificial intelligence of the Google search will find ways and means in time to track down crooks and black sheep. Lawyers and doctors would do well to keep their content at a high level.