Managed Software Outsourcing – the ideal solution for companies?

In today’s world, companies are quickly out of the market if they neglect their digital strategy. Customers shop on the web. They also expect appealing websites and good service via the internet. This is only possible if there is IT running in the background that can capture all these things. How is it possible to adapt to such trends if a company does not have its own experts for this?

Why own software solutions are indispensable

Time and again, companies have opportunities to speed up work between colleagues. The prerequisite for this is usually programmes that allow faster processing or integration of certain data. There is standard ERP software for this purpose, for example. With this, data from sales and purchasing can be synchronised in real time. Sometimes such standard solutions are not enough because the business is too specialised. In that case, in-house development is the best option.

Today, sales are increasingly made on the web. For this to work, there must be a shop where visitors can spend money. But not only that. Putting products on the web is not enough. The customer journey must also be fast and uncomplicated. That means: making it easy for the user to buy, simplifying the payment process, etc. Of course, on the desktop and on smart devices…. A few questions or clicks too many, and prospective customers will bail out during the transaction.

Conclusion: Individual software solutions are always necessary for companies. Both for internal purposes and for external applications.


How companies create own software?

Many companies maintain their own IT department. Especially large corporations. They have the money and the possibility to access the appropriate experts.

But there are also countless companies that have nothing to do with IT. For them, software development outsourcing is the only way to develop appropriate tools.


What are the advantages of outsourcing software development?

It is now the case that even large corporations often turn to external service providers to buy in the programming of software. And this is despite the fact that they would have sufficient skilled workers to do so.

The reason for this is that external programmers have specific experience in certain areas that is not available everywhere. For example, someone who has already developed 50 apps will work quickly on the 51st app and make few mistakes.

Much more relevant, however, is the reason that it is a question of cost. Local IT experts usually earn high, five-figure salaries. They are extremely expensive. In Eastern Europe or Asia, on the other hand, things are much cheaper. Especially when it comes to software development, there is huge potential for savings. Programmes are designed here and the creation is outsourced to regions where it costs much less. In this way, companies save a lot of money and advance their digitalisation in a targeted manner.