What blogs with a lot of content need to pay attention to

Every blogger does some form of SEO for their content. Because we all know that the blogging business is based on two legs. On the articles that appear regularly. They are read by fans and generate short-term traffic. And then there are the topics that are timeless. They get readers through the search engine. Simply because they rank well for a particular keyword. Now Google announces that such evergreens could probably get a problem.

Google focuses on new content

Content marketing is something that just about everyone does nowadays. If, for example, the lawyer in Basel, the real estate agent in Zurich or the freight forwarder in Geneva run a blog, they do so because this way they receive visitors from their target group through Google. They hope that this will bring them more customers. Because it can be assumed that some of this traffic will use the products or services.

Depending on the content, there are often better and worse articles or sub-pages among them. We have also had this experience with the blogs we manage. Time and again, you land such lucky hits that do really well in the search engine. Such articles sometimes deliver the most new customers or at least advertising revenue for years.

Now, in December 2020, John Müller announced that Google will focus on the new articles from the old ones for those sites that are very active and deliver a lot of content. This means that it is likely that the older articles will lose importance. Apparently, there is a difference between pages that deliver the freshest news and those that enter the race with static content.

Our experience confirms these findings to some extent. On some of the pages we look after, there have been massive drops in good articles time and again. Of course, they can also result from an update. But it also happened when no major adjustments were made.

It is also important to point out that mixed pages face new challenges. If, for example, there is a static part and a news section, then this would be a solution to save old content. However, the quality of the regular content must be carefully monitored. If it is not good enough for the search engine, then the entire website will be devalued.

As always, life is not getting any easier when it comes to SEO, but there are more stumbling blocks. Content marketing must therefore be rethought in parts. At least by those agencies that advise their clients to simply post articles every week, no matter how good or relevant they are.