Ant under the microscope

ant under the microscope

Please watch our new video on youtube. It was casted with a simple smartphone lens. The video shows an ant, which is eating from a drop of honey.

ant under the microscope
ant under the microscope

The parts of the ant´s body are very clearly to see. Even the movement of the jawbone, while he soaks up the honey.

During eating, the ant is hitting the floor with his rump. This is a way of communication between them. He probably tries to inform the rest of the colony, that he found a rich food source.

Another way is to leave a scent mark. This leads other ants in his direction and they would begin to leave additional scent marks. Thus, they establish a route, on which the traffic will increase steadily.

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New microscope helps to identify cancer cells during surgery

The Stanford university together witch several other research institutes, has invented a new microscope, which helps surgeons to identify cancer cells during an operation.

The new microscope´s functioning is based on confocal microscopy technology. It can generate pictures on a cellular level and thereby help to differentiate healthy and cancerous cells. This is important for surgeons, as they try to remove only as much tissue as necessary. Otherwise, they have to remove all the cancer cells to stop the disease. This new gadget will be helpful to ensure a complete but also a safer removal of a tumor.