Security measures against Covid in small businesses

In times of a highly dangerous infectious disease, it is the duty of companies to pay much more attention to the health of their employees. Even though the corona virus is most dangerous for older people with pre-existing conditions, more and more people are reporting that young people also suffer from the aftereffects for a long time after the illness. Certainly no one wants to live with the responsibility of being responsible for it. Responsible, because as an employer you have saved at the wrong end. Therefore, here is an overview of the most important measures that you should take immediately, if you have not already done so.


A quick and not so expensive measure is to set up disinfectant dispensers. There, employees can clean their hands whenever they have had a lot of contact with frequently used surfaces. These include door handles, stair railings or the button in the elevator. What many people don’t think about: there is cutlery on display in the canteen. There, visitors reach in and take something out. This is a real danger zone that has to be watched out for.

Masks and protective clothing

Covid deniers fight masks like crazy. They are not supposed to do anything and the government does everything wrong. But the fact is that masks do reduce the amount of aerosols in the air. Spitting through a handkerchief is heavier than spitting through air. In a matter of probabilities, any measure that slows down the circulation of viruses is important. If everyone wears a mask, that is multiple protection. Firstly, fewer pathogens are emitted and secondly, fewer are inhaled. FFP2 masks are particularly safe. They are mainly intended for medical purposes. In corporate offices, Type IIR protective masks are already a great help. They have a filter performance of 98% and therefore offer a lot of safety for employees. Of course, they should also be encouraged to observe all distance rules.

If then contact to other persons is a necessary part of the business, then we recommend also make use of protective arm sleeves and special protective clothing. This will avoid, that the virus does not accumulate in clothing, where it can stay infectious for several hours.


Corona quick test

In some industries, where close contact to other people is unavoidable, it makes sense to perform a Corona Antigen Rapid Test every few days. Such tests show a result after only 15 minutes. Their advantage is that they do not require a complex analysis of virus genetic material. They are designed to detect antibodies of the immune system against the virus. In this way, one obtains a very reliable result within a short time and can detect early on whether someone is carrying the infection. In this way, you effectively protect yourself and other employees against spreading within your own ranks.


Home office

Many employers fear the loss of control. But the safest method for everyone is to send everyone to the home office who is not absolutely necessary in the company. Many employees really enjoy it. They work even more productively than before. A benefit for both sides.