Why individual tutoring is so important for students

Some teachers say that tutoring is not a good idea. They advise against buying private lessons for children because it is exhausting for them and they seem to be overwhelmed. But this is absolutely not true. The reason why some children don’t do well in school often lies elsewhere. I have experienced this in my studies and as someone who has earned a lot of money with tutoring.

Why individual tutoring is advantageous

My experience shows that individual tutors can be a blessing for children. I was able to see this quite clearly in my studies. Many of my fellow students, and myself too, we were not the best at school. We even had to repeat one or two school years. Why? Not because we were stupid. There were other factors:

You can say what you want, at school you are out of compulsion. Nobody likes to get up and go there voluntarily. At university, on the other hand, you are on average voluntary and even want to learn more. The motivation is completely different. If people can learn what really interests them, the basis is much better. Memory works much better and the brain is much more willing to accept information.

There are also differences between children in terms of performance. At a young age, some cannot maintain their concentration long enough to follow the lesson. Classes are noisy, they are bullied or they get distracted by others. In such an environment, many students get much lower grades than they would if they were in a more favourable environment. In addition, young brains are not yet able to absorb as much material. The receptivity at the age of 20 is then completely different. So it happens time and again that once poor students really turn up the heat in their studies and get top grades.

Private tutoring – what to look out for?

People are different in their tastes. You can already see how different preferences are when choosing a partner. It’s the same with private tutoring. Look for a teacher who gets along well with the child. If there is sympathy on both sides, then the willingness to learn is much better.

It is important that the lessons take place either online. Or the staff can come to your home. Anything else would not necessarily be advisable for the safety of underage children. Or, it is group lessons. But there the effect will be different because the tutor has to pay attention to several students and cannot work individually.