Who named the microscope?

The microscope got it´s name from a German scientist, from Bamberg: Johannes “Giovanni” Faber. Faber grew up in Germany, but after he studied medicine in Wuerzburg, he moved to the Vatican state.

Johannes Faber
Johannes Faber

He was a friend of Galilelo Galilei, who was one of the first persons in the world, who built and improved the technology of microscopes and telescopes. Galilei named his tool “occhiolino” = little eye. But Faber changed it in 1625 to “microscope”, to emphasize the “relationship” with the “telescope”. It was meant as an act of respect for his friend.


What does the word “microscope” mean?

Microscope is a combination of two Ancient Greek words: mikrós = tiny and skopeín = to look / to see.