Pest control: These are cases for the exterminator

Pests and parasites are among the uninvited guests that none of us likes to have in our homes. Whether it’s a moth infestation, bed bugs or even a marten – in all these cases, the pest infestation is one thing: annoying. In addition, however, there are often other dangers associated with the uninvited guest. Many pests are absolute survival artists, good at not being discovered until it is far too late, and unfortunately they are also often carriers of disease. This means that you should act quickly in any case. So if you discover pests in your home, you should by no means hesitate but immediately contact the expert, exterminator Frankfurt. They can help you quickly and effectively with the pest infestation. In this article we have summarised for you which pests are typical in Germany and what you should look out for if you notice them in your living space.

These pests are particularly common in Germany

Wasps: Whether it’s coffee and cake, the barbecue or lemonade on the garden table – wasps are frequent guests in summer, attracted especially by sugary foods or meat. Unfortunately, this can hardly be avoided, although it is of course unpleasant. Many people are afraid of wasps, as they can actually sting painfully. In these cases, it helps to stay calm, not make any hasty movements and perhaps put a plate of fruit in a different place to lure the wasps away. However, if you discover not only individual wasps, but large groups and even a wasp nest on your property, there is clearly a need for action. In this case, you should definitely call a professional exterminator, as removing such a nest without an expert can be very dangerous. You should therefore never try to deal with wasp nests on your own, as this can have an unpleasant end in case of doubt.

Marten: The domestic marten also clearly falls into the category of “uninvited guests”. The rodent lives up to its name and often chews up hoses and cables in cars, which can result in immensely high repair costs. And since martens quickly get used to their chosen home and are difficult to chase away, it is definitely advisable to contact an expert in this case as well. Martens may be inconvenient for cars, but they are protected species. This means that they must not be killed. The professional exterminator therefore naturally acts in accordance with species protection and does not kill the animal. Instead, he helps you to get rid of the rodent safely and, above all, quickly.